2016 Scholarship Awardees 

11/2016      Lynn Abraham    $200 



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 Procurement Education Scholarship


In an effort to help promote the principles of CAPA, we began accepting applications on April 1, 2016 for reimbursements for Public Procurement related educational workshops, classes, seminars, courses, conferences or forums for current active CAPA members in good standing, who are interested in furthering the development of their procurement skills and professionalism. It applies to all areas of procurement educational opportunities.

Applicants must submit the attached application form and supporting documentation for reimbursement to the CAPA Scholarship Committee for the specified session by the ending quarter date.

Quarters: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

The number and amount of reimbursements may be limited based on the amount of Procurement Education Scholarship funds available at the time of submission(s) and shall be limited to one (1) applicant package and one (1) scholarship request per member, per year. 

What Does it Cover? 

  • VAGP, NIGP, CAPA DGS, etc. sponsored Seminars, Classes or other educational functions relating to Procurement.
  • Public Procurement Forums or other Conferences that count towards educational points for Certification or  Recertification.
  • Professional Procurement Certification or Recertification Fees.
  • Tuition for an accredited college or university course in which the course major subject content is centered on procurement, or materials and supply management. 
  • Training materials or books specifically related to an accredited college, university, UPPCC, CAPA, NIGP, VAGP or other procurement session, that are not included in the price of the session.
  • Other public procurement session(s) not listed above may be considered. The CAPA Board will determine if it is applicable. 


What Documents Are Needed? 

A complete Scholarship application consists of the following items:

  • A signed (by both Applicant and their Supervisor/Agency Head) and completed 2017 CAPA Procurement Education Scholarship application Form;
  • A one (1) page or more written Essay stating career goals, an explanation/justification for the scholarship funding. Be specific and provide details. (This will be counted towards the determining factor for approval);
  • A copy or print out of a brochure, flyer, webpage, syllabus, or other documentation describing the procurement  session, objectives or course;
  • Receipt(s) of the procurement session and material;
  • Additional documents may be submitted for evaluation purposes such as a letter of recommendation or a nomination memo or letter from a supervisor, colleague or friend. 


Download Scholarship Form for More Information 

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions? 

The Scholarship Committee by email: scholarships@capavirginia.org  or Contact a CAPA Board Member.


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