2018 Member Dues


Interested applicants may join anytime during the year.

Annual CAPA Membership Dues Expire December 31, 2017 And Are Payable Starting December 1st. (Membership Dues Need To Be Paid On Or Before March 31, 2018.)

For New Member, Dues Are Payable Within 15 Days Upon Enrollment As A Member Or They Will Be Removed From Membership Status. Non-Members Applying For Membership Will Not Receive Member Pricing Or Benefits Until The Dues Payment Is Made.  

For Expiring Dues Not Paid By Due Date, Those Members Will Be Moved Into Non-Member Status And Will Not Be Able To Access The Member Area Or Benefit From Discounted Events Until Their Dues Payment Is Made.  

If Membership Has Expired, You Will Will Need To Contact The Treasurer To Make Payment. 


2018 Memberships Expire December 31, 2017 With A Grace Period Until March 31, 2019.  



2018 Dues Rates: 

       - $40.00 per person for Members of NIGP (Membership with NIGP will be verified  

        - $45.00 per person for Non NIGP Members 

        - Student: No Dues (Will need to send proof of current Enrollment) 

        - Retirees: No Dues  


On September 1st, the Member Dues for the year remaining will be prorated at $10 off the regular cost of a membership as a Member of NIGP or a Non NIGP Member. Selection will be available upon time of enrollment. 


The following discounts off each member due purchased will be offered to organizations that have a group of employees sign up for CAPA membership:

  • 5‐9 employees a 5% off total membership dues;
  • 10+ employees a 10% off total membership dues.   



Memberships are transferable by request from the agency within 30 days of purchase to another person within that agency. After the 30 day period, the membership will remain with the registered member. NO REFUNDS. 


The membership consist of voting, honorary, student and retired memberships falling into one of the following four categories:

Voting Membership

Membership in the association shall be open to Federal, State, county, municipal and township activities, public school systems, colleges and universities.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be conferred upon individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the purchasing profession or this association by a majority vote of the members present when there is a quorum. Honorary members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office and shall be exempt from payment of fees and dues.

Student membership

Student membership may be conferred upon college students with an interest in public procurement or who are pursuing a career in public procurement. Students are to furnish proof of enrollment and a copy of their current schedule. Student members shall not be entitled to hold office or serve as committee chairs and shall be exempt from paying dues.

Retired Membership

Retired membership may be conferred upon members of the association upon their retirement from the pursuit of their livelihood through active employment, and upon written request for such membership. Retired members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office and shall be exempt from payment of fees and dues. 



To Request a Group Invoice Click Here or contact the Treasurer at treasurer@capavirginia.org. 

For New Memberships or Renewals for Individuals that prefer to send payment by postal carrier. Click Here. 




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