2014 CAPA Fall Conference

Dear CAPA Fall Conference Attendee:

Thanks for attending the 2014 CAPA Fall Conference!  We had a wonderful time "Unleashing the Butterflies of Procurement" with you.

Please complete this survey to help us determine if we met or exceeded your expectations, and to get your suggestions and improvements for next year's conference.  We wish to acknowledge the outstanding attendance of procurement professionals, vendor participation, and vendor sponsorships!  Although conference expenditures exceeded the 2014 budget estimate, the attendance of procurement professionals, level of vendor interest, and positive feedback offset the expense and resulted in a profit.

Attendance numbers included:  119 Procurement and Administrative Professionals; 14 Speakers; 47 Vendor Representatives @ 18 Vendor Representatives; 2 Title Sponsorships; 1 Vendor Expo Sponsorship; 1 Meal Sponsorship; and 2 Break Sponsorships (including friends from the NIGP Business Council).  We had over 180 individuals at the event!  What a terrific turnout!

Thank you for taking time to give us your honest feedback.

Attached you will also find the 2014 Fall Conference Recertification Form.  This form may be used for recertification for your VCA, VCO, CPPB, or CPPO.  You may also use the form for an initial CPPB or CPPO certification.

Thank you again for attending and supporting the 2014 Fall Conference.  Continue to have an unction to "Unleash the Procurement Butterfly".

LaTiscia Fowlkes
2014 Fall Conference Chair / 2014 CAPA Vice-President

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