Meeting Minutes

February 2018  

Monthly Business Meeting


Meeting Minutes for February 13, 2018

The scheduled business meeting of the Capital Area Purchasing Association was held at DeFazio’s (aka Posticino), Richmond, Virginia. President Melissa McArthur called the meeting to order at 12:01 p.m.



Opening Comments:

President McArthur greeted all and thanked everyone for attending.


Guest(s) and Member Recognition:


New Members: None                         

New Certifications: None

Re-certifications: None


Speaker: Marcus S. Elam, Virginia Department of Corrections Regional Administrator, Division of

Operations, Western Region. “Exemplary Leadership”

Committee Reports:

Education, Member Awards, Public Relations: Working on getting classes set up, have reached out to VITA will be setting something up in the Fall, as stated before, will have class before scheduled before end of March. I will be getting with committee members to come up with a plan.

Fall Conference, Scholarship:  Fall Conference will be held on September 21, 2018 at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. The scholarship program requirements are currently being re-evaluated and a request was made for anyone interested in joining the scholarship committee to contact any member of the Board or Gwen Terreforte directly.

Nominating, President’s Advisory Council:Advisory Council - Suzanne (the Chair) will be calling the past presidents together sometime over the next couple weeks. We’ll continue working on the membership drive as well as reviewing some of the suggestions that were provided. Nominating – no report yet.

Sponsorship, Sales, Historian:Various members are consulting with potential sponsors and will report any outcomes directly to Danielle Keeton. A request was mad that anyone interested in joining the sales committee, or with helpful ideas, to contact Danielle directly, as well.

Membership, Newsletter, Social Media:We Met with Hugh Elwood in January and he has taken on the task of updating Face Book, Twitter and the Social Media accounts. Let’s give him a round of applause for taking on this task. Kareem Rahman and Angela Shearn are contacting individual members to update their registration information. Danielle Keeton and Angela Shearn will be updating corporate memberships and renewals.


Old Business: A quorum was not present so minutes and budget sent our electronically.


New Business: 

Over the past few years, funds have not been coming into CAPA. The Fall Conferences held have not generated a profit and the Business Lunches do not, either. Consideration may need to be made on whether or not to change to quarterly meeting or a meeting held in the months of January, March, October and December. The possibility of holding a Reverse Trade show can also be taken into consideration. The Board will be discussing this further in the near future.


CAPA is part of the Region II Chapter, which also includes Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and VAGP. There was previous mention of CAPA holding a Region II conference. However, after Melissa and Gwen’s attendance at the conference last year, it was decided that this will not take place. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Washington DC prefer to retain this practice and CAPA is welcome to attend the conferences held.

Danielle Keeton and Angela Shearn will be attending the NIGP Leadership Symposium on February 22-24, 2018. A report on the event will be provided at the March business lunch. 

Drawing Winners:  

The membership participated in the drawing of $5 CAPA Bucks. The winners are as follows:

Hugh Gravitt, VDH

Shannon Perkins, DOC

Becky Shumaker, DOC


The next meeting will be held at the same location (Fosticino) on March 21, 2018 and will be the 4th Anniversary of becoming a Charter. March is also Procurement Month. Alan Culpeper will be our Host Speaker



President McArthur called for adjournment of the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 1:17 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Angela Shearn, Secretary



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